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    Simply stated, Florida Consumer Lawyers helps people stressed out by real world problems. In our experience, financial problems lead to a sharp decline in physical and mental well-being. Things get worse when people ignore their problems or try to handle those problems by themselves. Our mission is to help you take your life back. Our lawyers represent consumers in auto accident cases, all types of insurance claims, we fight and sue debt collectors, we will help you with credit report issues, we defend home foreclosure, we handle bankruptcy cases, we work out loan modifications, we handle all real estate transactions, we help people with probate and wills, and much more. Most importantly, we help everyday people find solutions to real world problems and point you in the right direction financially. Let us help you confront your problems so you can take your life back and focus on the things that truly matter the most to you.

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At Florida Consumer Lawyers we know how the financial system really works for consumers.

Insurance companies, banks, debt collectors, creditors, credit reporting agencies, and mortgage lenders design their business practices around ripping off consumers every single day. In turn, our firm makes it our mission to fight back. We represent consumers in auto accident and personal injury cases, debt collection harassment, fair credit reporting, bankruptcy, foreclosure, collections defense, real estate, and much more.

Since 2004, our lawyers go to work with the idea that we will make a difference in our clients' lives. The best way to do that is to fight these companies aggressively in court because that is the only language they understand. These big companies do their best to make you think that you are alone, but you are not. Florida Consumer Lawyers will fight for you.


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    I didn't realize I could use a lawyer to sell my home until I spoke to Melissa. She sold it, was honest, never pressured me and saved me a bunch of money. I'll never use a realtor again.  Read On

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    Melissa handled my case quickly and with a level of efficiency I wasn't expecting. I'll always call her first before I speak to anyone else.  Read On

  • Smart. Honest.

    I used Melissa to handle my real estate deal instead of a traditional realtor. She did everything correct from start to finish and picked up the phone every time I called. Not only was she efficient but she saved me $10,000 on my sale. Highly Recommended.   Read On


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Our law firm only represents consumers and we have built our entire practice around that fact.