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Collection Defense and Debt Settlement

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A process server just dropped papers at my door. Call our lawyers right away. You have been served with a complaint and you have 20 days to respond to the clerk of court or risk judgment.

A judgment was just entered against me. This isn't good. Now that the debt collector has a judgment they will make your life difficult and force you to disclose all of your financial and personal information. If you don't then you might be held in contempt of court.

Can they garnish my wages? Bank accounts? Yes. If they win a judgment they can garnish your bank accounts and paychecks. Usually the garnishment happens by surprise so you won't know it is happening until it's too late.

I am already being garnished, can I stop it? Yes. There are multiple strategies available to fight a garnishment, including applying for a head of household exemption. Bankruptcy is probably the fastest and best option to fight wage garnishment. Our lawyers will sit down with you and figure out your best option.


Can my federal benefits be garnished?

The following federal benefits are exempt from garnishment:

  • Social Security Benefits
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Benefits
  • Veterans' Benefits
  • Civil Service and Federal Retirement and Disability Benefits
  • Military Annuities and Survivors' Benefits
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency Federal Disaster Assistance

However, your federal benefits may be garnished to pay student loans, delinquent taxes, alimony, or child support. Be careful, if those benefits sit in a bank account then debt collectors will probably garnish those accounts and force you to fight for your money in court.

How long is a judgment good for in Florida?

Forever. Initially a judgment in Florida is good for 20 years, but can be renewed indefinitely. Judgments can be placed as liens against your property for up to 14 years.

Can I settle this debt?

Yes. But the longer the case drags on in court the more money the debt collector will want. Also, once the case is in court, the debt collector will want you to pay their attorney fees as part of the settlement.

When is the best time to settle the debt?

Before the lawsuit. If you want to settle your debts with case payments then you should try and do this prior to any collection lawsuits being filed. Our lawyers will help you work out your debts and build a strategy to settle one debt at a time..

I am receiving letters and phone calls from debt collectors, I just want it to stop.

Call us immediately. Our firm sues debt collectors for harassment and these letters and phone calls may violate state and federal law. If this debt collection harassment violates the law then we will represent you on a contingency fee basis and could put money back into your pocket.


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