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BayCare Billing Practice: Will The Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up?

Posted by Sami Thalji | Oct 14, 2021

It has only been 60 days since our last run in with BayCare. If your remember, we had an auto accident client that did everything right but was the victim in an accident and went to the ER at BayCare (St. Joseph's Hospital, Tampa) and provided his personal injury protection coverage to pay his medical bills. BayCare billed his PIP and got paid the full amount allowed by law. Instead of doing what was legally required, writing off the balance of the bill, BayCare sent him a bill for the balance, i.e., balance billing. Well, we sued BayCare and won. Now, I have another auto accident case where BayCare billed my client for emergency services after an auto accident and received the full payment allowed by law from PIP. But afterwards BayCare apparently billed his health insurance as well. Turns out BayCare also collected from the health insurance. The craziest part about this entire process is that BayCare was paid more than the full, gross bill, but somehow after working their “insurance adjustments” they are now billing my client for more money. Long story short, not only did BayCare collect a double payment, but now they want my client to pay again, more than what was originally owed. To make matters worse, Florida law requires victims of auto accidents to pay back health insurance liens that are incurred due to the accident. So, while BayCare is raking in literal billions, they want to take the last dime out of my client's pocket. To add insult to injury, my client is a minor. Needless to say we will be suing BayCare soon. If BayCare is screwing with you on your bills call us today.

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