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Car Insurance Fraud. Guess Who's Doing It?

Posted by Sami Thalji | Sep 03, 2021

Page one out of the car insurer playbook is to tell people that rates are so high insurance fraud committed by everyday consumers is rampant. Unfortunately, small minded people tend to fall in to the trap of believing this corporate propaganda. The reality is the no one commits more fraud then car insurance companies. A recent study by the Consumer Federation of America and the Center for Economic Justice estimates that the auto insurance industry pocketed $30 billion in revenue that was supposed to go to policyholders when driving slowed due to Covid-19. An analysis released by these groups concluded that auto insurance companies were collected $42 billion in "excess premiums" in 2020 which were supposed to go back to consumers due to the lack of driving that resulted from Covid-19 lockdowns. Predictably, auto insurance companies only gave back about $13 billion dollars and slid a cool $30 billion in their pockets. I can only imagine this theft alone is probably 100x more than all the individual car insurance fraud committed by people over the last three decades.  By law, in almost every state in the Union, auto insurance premiums cannot be excessive. So, when driving slowed, auto insurers were required by law to refund excess premiums they collected based on pre-covid-19 driving. However, the bought and paid for state governments, in nearly every instance, did nothing to enforce the law against auto insurers instead electing to let them pocket the $30 billion in hopes that they can get more campaign contributions. Of course, the American Property Casualty Insurance Association claims that none of this is true and that car insurance companies only profit $.02 for every $1 in premiums. Obviously, we know that is another lie in a long history of lies told by the insurance industry. 

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