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Debt Collectors Target Your Loved Ones: A Shocking Revelation

Posted by Sami Thalji | May 15, 2023

Are you struggling with debt? You're not alone. Millions of Americans face financial difficulties every day. Unfortunately, some of them fall prey to unscrupulous debt collectors who engage in illegal and abusive tactics to pressure them into paying up.

If you thought debt collectors only called you, think again. According to a recent article by CNN, a group of debt collectors in upstate New York went after their targets by calling friends, family, and employers, and even orchestrating "smear campaigns" against people they claimed owed money. This illegal and terrifying tactic is called "Circles" and is just one of the many illegal strategies debt collectors use to harass and intimidate their targets.

In this blog post, we'll explore the frightening world of debt collection and how you can protect yourself from these ruthless debt collectors. We'll also discuss the importance of contacting Florida Consumer Lawyers if you're dealing with debt collectors.

The Terrifying Tactics of Debt Collectors

Debt collectors are known for their relentless pursuit of debtors. They will stop at nothing to get the money they claim is owed to them. Unfortunately, this pursuit often involves illegal tactics that are designed to harass and intimidate debtors.

One of the most frightening tactics debt collectors use is the "Circles" strategy. In this strategy, debt collectors identify a debtor's social circle, including their immediate family members, grandparents, distant family members, in-laws, ex-spouses, employers, work colleagues, landlords, Facebook friends, and other known associates. They then call these people under the pretext of trying to find the debtor, while letting their friend or family member know that the person owed money.

Debt collectors use this strategy to "stir the pot," so that the third parties start calling the consumer. Thus, the consumer's family, friends, and colleagues can serve as the collector's "army," pressuring the consumer to address the collector's demands. Consumers have described these tactics as "smear campaign[s]," "extortion," "terrorist collecting tactics," and "emotional terrorism."

If that's not scary enough, debt collectors also use other illegal tactics to pressure debtors into paying up. They sometimes tell debtors they owe much more than they actually do "in order to convince them that paying the amount they actually owe represents a substantial discount." They also threaten people with legal action that they never pursue and tell debtors they will be arrested and imprisoned if they don't pay up.

Debt collectors can be incredibly aggressive and persistent in their pursuit of debtors. They will call multiple times a day, leave threatening voicemails, and even show up at their place of work or home. For many people, dealing with debt collectors is a frightening and traumatic experience.

Why You Need Florida Consumer Lawyers

If you're dealing with debt collectors, you need an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer on your side. Florida Consumer Lawyers can help you navigate the complex world of debt collection and protect your rights as a consumer.

Florida Consumer Lawyers specialize in debt harassment, and they have helped thousands of people fight back against unscrupulous debt collectors. They understand the laws that protect consumers from debt harassment, and they know how to use these laws to your advantage.

Florida Consumer Lawyers can help you:

  • Understand your rights as a consumer
  • Stop debt collectors from harassing you
  • Negotiate with debt collectors on your behalf
  • File a lawsuit against debt collectors who violate your rights
  • Obtain compensation for any damages you suffered as a result of debt harassment

Debt collection is a persistent source of frustration for consumers, with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau receiving 121,000 complaints on the topic in 2020 alone. Don't let debt collectors intimidate you into paying debts you may not legally have to pay. 

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