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Florida Struggles with Credit Card Debt: Understanding the Alarming Statistics

Posted by Sami Thalji | Oct 17, 2023

Living in Florida might sound like a dream come true, with its sunny beaches and warm weather. However, it seems that the cost of this paradise is catching up with its residents. According to a recent Forbes article, Florida is grappling with significant issues related to credit card debt, ranking 4th among the top five states in the United States facing this financial challenge.

Forbes' analysis took into account various factors, including average credit card debt, debt as a percentage of income, delinquency rates, and year-over-year changes. It revealed that Florida ranks 9th in the country for states with the most credit card debt, with an average of $3,940 per borrower as of the end of 2022. Astonishingly, this marked an 8.35% surge compared to the previous year, indicating a worrying trend in the financial landscape.

Interestingly, if we consider the bigger picture of debt in Florida, encompassing student loans, auto loans, credit card debt, and mortgages, the average total debt for borrowers in the state amounts to $56,600. While this might seem high, it actually falls close to the national average of $59,580, positioning Florida at the 23rd spot in the overall debt ranking in the United States.

One particularly concerning statistic is that Florida holds the dubious distinction of having the highest credit card debt relative to income, with the figure standing at a staggering 6.60%. Additionally, the state grapples with the third-highest credit card delinquency rate at 9.37%. 

Given these alarming statistics, it becomes crucial for Floridians to be well-informed about their financial rights and options. If you find yourself struggling with credit card debt or facing financial hardships, seeking legal advice from a reputable consumer law firm, such as Florida Consumer Lawyers. Understanding your rights and exploring available legal solutions may help you navigate through these challenging financial times with more confidence and clarity.

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