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Navigating Bankruptcy: A Pathway to Financial Recovery

Posted by Sami Thalji | Oct 18, 2023

In recent times, the number of personal bankruptcy filings has seen a significant drop since the start of the pandemic. However, Florida Consumer Lawyers anticipates an upswing in filings as interest rates increase and government relief diminishes throughout the year.

According to experts, the rise in inquiries for legal assistance reflects this trend. Our firm has had more calls in the last few weeks than the previous six months.

The implementation of various government stimulus programs, improved tax credits, and safeguards against evictions and loan foreclosures in the past two years has contributed to the reduction in bankruptcy filings. Nevertheless, factors such as community lockdowns and the overall emotional strain caused by the pandemic might be contributing to the hesitance of individuals to file for bankruptcy. It's hard for people to face the fact that they need to file. It takes emotional energy, and they feel guilty about it.

Although bankruptcy might seem like a last resort for financially struggling individuals, it presents an opportunity for a fresh start. While the process has some consequences, a bankruptcy filing can accomplish more for many consumers in a much shorter time than slowly struggling to pay off debts that you simply cannot afford.

For most families and consumers, it is impossible to pay off your debts outside of bankruptcy. Most only have enough money to budget for daily household expenses, especially as the cost of living grows out of control in Florida. For those facing wage garnishment, asset seizure, and relentless collection agency harassment, filing for bankruptcy may become necessary.

If you decide to proceed with bankruptcy, the first crucial decision is to speak with Florida Consumer Lawyers. Our firm will clearly explain and walk you through the process, which can be made much simpler by experienced lawyers.

The bankruptcy process involves several steps, contingent upon the type of bankruptcy that suits your specific situation. Chapter 7 bankruptcy filings, the most common among individuals, can rid you of most, if not all, of your personal debts, although certain liabilities such as alimony, tax debts, and student loans may remain. Qualification for Chapter 7 is based on your household income, which must be below the state's median income. For those who have higher income, or seek to save their home, Chapter 13 may be a viable option, involving a debt repayment plan typically spanning five years.

Key steps in the bankruptcy filing process include gathering necessary documents, completing credit counseling courses, filling out appropriate forms, paying the filing fee, attending a meeting with creditors, and ensuring transparency throughout the process. Florida Consumer Lawyers has mastered this process and reduced it to only 30 days.

Rebuilding yourself post-bankruptcy can be a challenge but also comes with opportutnity. For one, most of your debt burdens will be gone, allowing better chances for you and your family to save any extra money in your budget. For those seeking to rebuild credit quickly, bankruptcy can be a great way to help you along that path. We recommend setting a budget, building savings, using a secured credit card responsibly, making continued financial obligations, like car payments, on time, while also monitoring credit reports regularly to make sure everything is reported properly. With discipline and adherence to a well-structured plan, consumers and families can potentially improve their credit and even become eligible for a Federal Housing Administration mortgage in as little as three years.

The stigma attached to bankruptcy is created by corporate creditors who would much rather see consumers struggle with making interest payments than declaring financial freedom. The bottom line is that bankruptcy may be the best way for most consumers to get out of debt quickly, rid themselves of debt collectors and stress, and help them rebuild their credit quickly. Bankruptcy can give people a second chance.

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