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Tesla Crashes into Florida Highway Patrol Car While On Autopilot

Posted by Sami Thalji | Sep 17, 2021

A Tesla driving on autopilot crashed into a Florida Highway Patrol cruiser near downtown Orlando while the trooper was attempting to assist a disabled car. The cruiser was hit around 5 a.m. Saturday while on the way to help a disabled car. The cruiser had its sirens on at the time. We have all seen the stories about people sleeping while the Tesla drives on autopilot. There have also been stories about drunk drivers sleeping in the backseat while they let their Tesla drive them around on autopilot. Tesla uses cameras and computers with a little help from satellites to navigate cars in autopilot mode. The big question is whether or not there are any safety standards for autopilot mode or is Tesla just making it up as they go? Moreover, when the day comes where autopilot becomes mainstream in the car industry, what imp[act will that have on car insurance rates? It is safe to say that car insurance companies will continue to over charge customers even as the rate of accidents decline. 

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Sami Thalji

Sami Thalji is a native Floridian, born in Clearwater and raised in St. Petersburg, Florida. Sami graduated from Osceola High School in Seminole, Florida before attending and receiving both his Bachelor of Science and Juris Doctor from the University of Florida in Ga...


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